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BLOG True Blood 2.02

Feeling slightly unsatisfied, blogger Kell Harker casts her verdict after watching episode two of the second season. [WARNING: Contains spoilers]

2.02 "Keep This Party Going"
Written by Brian Buckner
Directed by Michael Lehmann

Blogger rating:

THE ONE WHERE Feeling responsible for Jessica being turned into a vampire, Sookie agrees to drive her to see her family for one last time, without Bill’s consent. Jason impresses Steve and Sarah Newlin at the Light of Day leadership conference. Maryann casts a strange spell over everyone at Merlotte’s. Lafayette finds himself at the mercy of Eric after being caught trying to escape from the dungeon.

VERDICT A less saucy, albeit entertaining second episode for the second season.

We learn that Jessica Hamby’s human life was a seriously confined one, living in a home with a strict and abusive father. It’s no wonder she wants to rebel against Bill’s rules, having never known autonomy. Perhaps being sired by Bill was for the better, after all! And didn’t the bloody tears she cried just break your heart?! Actress Deborah Ann Woll portrays the character’s fragile emotional state just perfectly.

Fancy a game of flag football? Sure you can play, but only if you don’t mind first being brainwashed by an uber-religious cult of vampire haters. Jason Stackhouse is like a lost little puppy, searching for someone to love and accept him, so it’s scary to think of what the Fellowship of the Sun will do to him. However, Jason is a good-hearted character, so there’s hope that he’ll soon wise up and return to Bon Temps undamaged. But Steve and Sarah Newlin seem to be more dangerous and terrifying than any vampire in the series so far. All of the religiosity in this second season is already feeling uncomfortable.

Although we see a lot of Maryann in this episode, her intentions and the extent of her supernatural powers all still annoyingly remain a mystery.

Keep This Party Going feels like a tease with less sex and blood than the season opener, and if it wasn’t for a repeatedly shirtless Ryan Kwanten or the adorable blood-tears of Jessica, it would have completely paled in comparison to Nothing But the Blood.

SHAKE IT ON THE DANCE FLOOR Maryann shows off her powers of persuasion when she influences the patrons of Merlotte’s to throw their inhibitions aside and dance. Yes, even Andy Bellefleur was shaking his booty. It all seems fun and innocent until the party almost becomes an orgy of adults acting like demonically possessed horny teenagers. But listening to too much Pussycat Dolls will do that to you.

SHOPAHOLICS ANONYMOUS Bill picking out clothing for Jessica at the mall was cute. It also proved that fluorescent lighting isn’t flattering for vampires.

OUCH! Unfortunately for Lafayette, Eric was still feeling a bit peckish.

BEST LINE Eric: “Is there blood in my hair?”

This episode reviewed by SFX in issue 186 (five stars). For more True Blood blogs and reviews, click on the True Blood tag on this page.