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10 Best superhero best friends of all time

(Image credit: DC)

Who doesn't love a good superhero best friend? In fact, we'd go as far to say that superhero friendship is an important aspect of comic books. If you think about it, it makes sense after all - doesn't just about everyone wind up making friends with their co-workers?

Sometimes, those relationships even become the strongest bonds in our lives, like the "World's Finest" bond between Batman and Superman. So, we put our heads together to come up with a list of the ten best superhero friend-pairs - not sidekicks, not team-ups, not lovers. Read it with your own bestie!

10. Quantum & Woody

(Image credit: Valiant Entertainment)

It’s kind of hard to call adopted brothers Quantum and Woody “friends,” though like many brothers, they’re stuck to each other anyway – literally. Quantum and Woody have to be in each others’ presence or their molecular structure will completely disintegrate thanks to the accident that gave them their powers.

Still, despite their occasional acrimony, deep down, they really do love each other. Their relationship continues to evolve, but until they find a way to undo their molecular bond, they’ll always be a part of each others’ lives.

9. Iron Fist & Luke Cage

(Image credit: Marvel)

Iron Fist and Luke Cage wound up as friends almost as an afterthought. They were put in a title together when their respective solo adventures came to an end. And while the pair of a white Kung Fu master and an unbreakable black ex-con may seem, well, unlikely doesn’t quite cover it, they’re one of the most celebrated super-pairs in the Marvel Universe, even making it into Netflix series The Defenders.

Luke Cage and Iron Fist crossed racial boundaries at a time when comic books didn’t really do that kind of thing, and fans responded in droves. Luke even named his daughter Danielle, after his best friend Danny Rand.

8. Reed Richards & Ben Grimm

(Image credit: Marvel)

The friendship between Reed Richards and Ben Grimm stretches all the way back to when the pair were college chums, with Reed's genius and Ben's eventual skills as a pilot providing the building blocks of the FF's ill-fated space launch origin story.

Ben and Reed were apart for a while, since Reed remained in a pocket dimension following 2016's Secret Wars finale. But they've been reunited recently, and we couldn't be happier for them.

7. Green Lantern & Green Arrow

(Image credit: DC)

These “hard-travelin’ heroes” united in the ‘70’s when their individual titles were floundering. Green Lantern’s more establishment attitude clashed with Green Arrow’s liberal leanings – a stand in for the relationship of creators Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams. But it was their differences that made the team-up work.

Some of their collective adventures haven't aged all that well, but the pair remains a touchstone of unlikely superhero friendships.

6. Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

(Image credit: DC)

Harley and Ivy’s friendship started on Batman: The Animated Series when they teamed up while Harley was on the outs with her psychopathic boyfriend, the Joker. Harley and Ivy ran amok, kickstarting a bond that made its way into comic books, and has become a fan touchstone.

The pair even anchored their own title – along with Catwoman – as the Gotham City Sirens. And as is sometimes the case with friendships, the bond between Harley and Ivy has been known to occasionally segue into romance.

5. The Beast & Wonder Man

(Image credit: Marvel)

Back in the 70s, Hank McCoy and Simon Williams fostered mutant and human relations as a pair of swingin’ super bachelors famous for their nights out on the town when not saving the world alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Though Beast and Wonder Man’s bromance wasn’t seen for a while, they recently reforged their bond while both heroes were back in the roster of the Avengers.

4. Human Torch & Spider-Man

(Image credit: Marvel)

Johnny Storm and Peter Parker have the kind of friendship we’ve all experienced – where the good times are often undercut by pranks, ribbing, and sometimes even hostility. Maybe “frenemies” isn’t exactly the right word, but these two have often competed as much as they’ve been best friends.

Still they’re always there for each other, as when Peter Parker took over Johnny’s spot in the Fantastic Four after his apparent death, or when he let Johnny move in with him after his unexpected return. Or, more recently, when Pete bought the Baxter Building after the FF disappeared to make sure none of their enemies could get ahold of it (even though he eventually lost the building when his company went bust).

3. Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

(Image credit: DC)

The Blue Beetle/Booster Gold bromance blossomed all the way back in the 80s with Justice League International, where the pairs antics were often drivers of some pretty weird adventures for the League. They remained best friends all the way into the early 00s when Blue Beetle was killed trying to investigate the JLI’s former benefactor, Maxwell Lord.

The rest of the decade wasn’t super kind to the fan-favorite pair, with Ted Kord remaining dead for years. Recently however, Ted has returned to the mainstream DC Universe as part of Rebirth, meaning these BFF's could be back in each others' company any time now.

2. Captain America & Falcon

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

There’s some weirdness to Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson’s friendship. It came close to its breaking point when Red Skull revealed that he had secretly manipulated Sam, as the Falcon, into spying on Cap for him. But they got past that, and have remained steadfast partners ever since.

Sam was even Steve’s handpicked choice to become Captain America when he could no longer keep the mantle, and though Sam’s time as Cap recently ended with the reinvigorated Steve Rogers once again taking the mantle, their friendship is as strong as ever.

1. Superman & Batman

(Image credit: DC)

Superman and Batman are the prototypical superhero friendship. They’ve been pals since the ‘40’s, and even though they’ve often been at odds (see Batman v Superman, or its inspiration, The Dark Knight Returns), when you get down to it, the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader have always had each others’ backs.

The pair have often even appeared in shared comic book titles, whether it’s the classic World’s Finest, or the more recent Batman/Superman. Superman was even Batman's best man at his wedding to Catwoman.

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