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Best Smartwatch 2020: get the best Black Friday prices

best smartwatch
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From sundials to pocket watches to those retro calculator timepieces that were great for cheating in tests with, our watches are getting smarter all the time – and none more so than our top picks for the best smartwatches.

Packed full of health-measuring apps, voice-activated helpers, mobile payment options and street-tracking GPS features, smartwatches have grown from being the interesting wrist-worn curios of the tech world to vital independent gadgets in their own right.

And though only a handful of manufacturers are making connected watches worth wearing, there’s actually plenty of variation between them – you can have just as much luck splashing the cash on a premium Apple Watch as you can a relatively inexpensive TicWatch from little-known gadget makers Mobvoi.

Being essentially a souped-up timepiece then, it’s fitting that we’ve saved you a whole lot of time by ranking the very best smartwatches below for you. Whether you’re a hardcore Apple fan looking for the right Apple Watch for you, or a Google nut after a WearOS wristable, our guide to the best smartwatch options on the market will save you valuable seconds – and maybe a few pennies, too.

Best smartwatches compared

(Image credit: Future)

1) Samsung Galaxy Watch

As sporty as it is stylish

Display size/type: 1.2-inch or 1.3-inch 360 x 360 Super AMOLED | Battery duration: 4 days on 46mm (capacity smaller on 42mm edition) | On-board storage: 4GB | Compatibility: Android, iOS | OS: Tizen OS | Waterproof: Yes | Original launch price $/£: 42mm starts at $329 / £279, 46mm starts at $349 / £299

Great battery
Clever bezel design
Lush screen
Bixby is dumb

Samsung has been trying its hand at making a smartwatch for years now, but it’s only with the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the successor to the Gear S3, that it’s really nailed the whole deal. It’s not only good – it’s the best smartwatch out there.

So what makes it special? First off is the design – sporty by nature, it manages to retain a traditional-looking style with its round face and smart screen looks. But where it comes into its own is the way its rotating bezel proves genuinely useful. Running Samsung’s own Tizen OS, you can tell that the two have been designed to work from the ground up together in this generation of the watch, making what can otherwise be a finicky navigation process on some smartwatches a dream to play with on the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Despite having a powerful processor, lush screen and optional LTE connectivity, we also found the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch to be very impressive – you can get as much as four days use from a single charge, despite it not being a giant chunky piece.

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant still needs a bit of schooling, and the app selection of Tizen is of a high quality but relatively few to pick from. Those troubles aside, it’s an easy pick for our top timepiece in this list.

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2) Fossil Sport

Fitness focussed, but ready for everyday life too

Display size/type: 1.2-inch 390 x 390 AMOLED | Battery duration: 2 days | On-board storage: 4GB | Compatibility: Android, iOS | OS: Wear OS | Waterproof: Yes | Original launch price $/£: $275 / £219

Slick design
Fast processor
Accessible price tag
No LTE option

Smartwatches don’t have to break the bank to impress, and the Fossil Sport represents perhaps the happiest balance between cost and performance.

Though sports-oriented, its lightweight finish makes it a good match for everyday wear. And while it’s lacking an LTE option and speaker (making it impossible to make calls without a phone to piggyback from), it does manage to squeeze in GPS and a solid two-day battery life.

It’s also running Google’s very respectable Wear OS operating system, which offers one of the largest selection of wrist-based apps on the market. And thanks to the inclusion of a super-charged Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, the Fossil Sport is actually more responsive than some wearables significantly more expensive than it is.

Keep in mind that though the Fossil Sport launched at an already-accessible $275 / £219 price point, it can now even regularly be found at close to half those price tags. If you’re able to pick up a similar deal, then the Fossil Sport proves to be an absolute steal.

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3) Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

All the bells and whistles, but with an added hit to your wallet

Display size/type: 1.2-inch or 1.4-inch 360 x 360 AMOLED | Battery duration: 2 days | On-board storage: 4GB | Compatibility: Android, iOS | OS: Tizen OS | Waterproof: Yes | Original launch price $/£: 40mm starts at $279.99 / £269, 44mm $299 / £289

All the specs you could ask for
Great bezel design
Bright display
Added extras mean added cost

Like the look of the Galaxy Watch, but wish it was even sportier? The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a quick succession of reworkings of the Galaxy Watch that, while commanding a higher price tag, makes a good account for its premium pricing thanks to an increased feature set.

Slimmer and lighter than the Galaxy Watch, making it less intrusive while working out, it still manages to fit that innovative rotating bezel in, while also tucking an LTE chipset inside, too. That gives it the option of working independently from your smartphone – again making it a better option while exercising.

As a result, it’s better placed to make use of the strong selection of sports and fitness-oriented apps that Tizen OS has to offer. With a heart rate and ECG sensor on board, dozens of workout routines and even stress monitoring functionality, it could prove a better workout buddy than a personal trainer – and a damn sight less awkward, too. However, like the rest of Samsung’s smartwatch range, you’ll have more joy pairing this with an Android handset than an iOS smartphone, so that’s something to consider when picking up the Tizen-based options here. Which brings us conveniently onto our next pick...

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4) Apple Watch Series 5

The most popular – and most expensive – of the lot

Display size/type: 1.78-inch OLED | Battery duration: 24 to 36 hours | On-board storage: 32GB | Compatibility: iOS | OS: watchOS 6 | Waterproof: Yes | Original launch price $/£: From $399 / £399

Loads of storage
Fantastic apps
Always-on display

It may be the most expensive pick on our list, but if you’re an iPhone owner, you really shouldn’t be considering anything other than the Apple Watch 5. Built specifically with Apple’s ecosystem of devices in mind, it’s the most polished device on this list and – were it not for its high price of entry and limited compatibility with only iOS devices – it would otherwise likely be our top pick.

The key addition to the latest generation of Apple Watch is its always-on display. While this has ramifications for battery life (which is a little shorter than we’d like it to be) it does make for a natural, traditional watch-like experience, letting you glance at the display for information without having to raise your arm to activate it first.

Coming in 40mm and 44mm sizes, and with a large array of band accessories out there to customize it with, the Apple Watch 5 charges wirelessly and comes with the most comprehensive set of apps of any device on the list. It’s also got a rich feature set, including accurate heart-rate tracking, an ECG monitor, GPS, and LTE connectivity. It ticks every box, which you’d hope for given the price.

However, keep in mind that, that always on display aside, it remains a very similar device to the last generation Apple Watch 4. As such, if you can find that timepiece on sale still (Apple has stopped making it now though), you may save yourself a fair chunk of cash and still come away pleased with your purchase.

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5) Mobvoi TicWatch E2

Cheap and cheerful

Display size/type: 1.39-inch 400 x 400 OLED | Battery duration: 48 hours | On-board storage: 4GB | Compatibility: Android 4.3+, iOS 8+ | OS: WearOS | Waterproof: Yes | Original launch price $/£: $159.99 / £145.99

Solid battery life
Plenty of Wear OS functionality
Can't make contactless payments

Haven’t heard of Mobvoi? Then maybe you should sit up and listen – the Chinese gadget manufacturer is a rising star in the industry, putting together affordable tech like smart speakers, headphones and, yes, smartwatches without scrimping on their capabilities. Though its design may be a bit plain, the TicWatch E2 can hold its own with the big boys when it comes to Wear OS functionality.

Waterproofed and with a respectable 2-day battery life, it gets you access to Google’s Wear OS platform and the majority of its app, as well as being a robust fitness device thanks to GPS and heart-rate monitoring capabilities.

While LTE connectivity would have been appreciated, the real true loss at this price point is NFC connectivity. As a result, it means you won’t be able to use Google Pay to make contactless payments with the TicWatch E2 – so keep your credit card handy.

Keep an eye out for the TicWatch S2, too – it’s similarly feature packed, but for a slightly higher price tag, you get a watch with a ruggedized design. It still lacks LTE and NFC, however.

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