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Best ever gaming remakes

Here are eight perfectly good reasons why remakes are totally worth the effort.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

Gamecube may have only one Metal Gear Solid game, but it is a blinder. Following the events of the first game but with added Hollywood flare and (then) next-gen graphics, it's become a collector's item. And rightly so - the best version of Metal Gear Solid isn't even available on a Sony machine and that's a massive coup. And where else can you see Solid Snake dodging bullets like Neo from the Matrix? exactly.

Above: Meryl and Snake were both surprised to suddenly have fingers

Rez HD

Xbox Live Arcade was just made for games like this. Simple concepts, 60fps HD graphics and gorgeous special effects all wrapped up in an attractive price-point. It's not just a straight port, either, with extra graphics options, a new play mode... oh, and the option to make your second controller emulate the Trance Vibrator. Mmm... rumbly.

Above: Stylistically, Rez isstill one of the best-looking games ever

Dead or Alive: Ultimate

This one's been almost completely forgotten, which is a shame as it's one of the best entries in the series. The game came on two discs - one containing a high-res version of the very first Dead or Alive and the other with an Xbox 1-quality do-over of Dead or Alive 2. The latter is almost as good-looking as DOA4 and the stages are superb. And seeing the original game's 2D backgrounds scaled smoothly and effortlessly is great - even if the boob jiggle is the mostunrealistic in the series. All the girls would end up with black eyes in this one.

Above: DOA Ultimate shows how Paradise should have been. Fight!

Daytona USA 2001

Daytona had already had a 32-bit remake with the Championship Circuit Edition on Saturn, but it wasn't the home conversion that fans deserved. But as one of Dreamcast's curtain call exclusives, along it came, with more tracks, sensational graphics and some of the best crash animations in any game ever. Barrel-rolling your Hornet with smoke billowing from the engine cover was fantastic. And it's something that deserves an XBLA/PSNremake, especially as very few territories got to take the game online for multiplayer racing.

Above: The only game where soft tyres are wider than hard ones. WTF?

Justin Towell

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