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Bad habits we developed in video games

Conserving our nuclear option

Only a fool would use their trump card too early. Thats why weve given this rare, precious rocket launcher a permanent home in our limited inventory, so that well have it at the best possible moment. This huge group of enemies? Nah, not necessary--bullets will do. A mini-boss? Tough, but well hold out for the real big baddie. A level boss? The devs mustve assumed we'd have used the rocket launcher by now, so we can probably beat him without it. At last, the final boss. Our lone rocket can fulfill its lifelong purpose, and--well then. Looks like theres a bundle of rocket launchers right next to the final room. %&*@.

When will we learn?

Those are the bad habits we find ourselves repeating time and time again across tons of games. What are your silly tendencies and assumptions when playing a new game? Let us know in the comments below, so that we can learn from everyone elses ridiculous mistakes.

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