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Baby Wario is back, and now he's a doctor in Dr. Mario World

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Baby Wario's first, and until recently only appearance was in Yoshi's Island DS, but now he's earned his doctorate as well as a proper 3D render for the mobile Dr. Mario World.

"Introducing a new doctor arriving June 26, 3 AM PT. It's Dr. Baby Wario! So even THAT doctor was cute at one point, huh? There's just one doctor this time. Please take it easy on me," reads the announcement on Dr. Mario World's official Twitter account.

Although he definitely looks a little nicer than the famously hot-headed grown-up Wario, I still think the "cute" adjective is being used a tad liberally here. Baby Wario still looks like he'd ask you to team up against your friends in Mario Party and then steal all your stars at the soonest possibility. Regardless, it's cool to see the long-dormant character resurrected in the style of modern Mario games.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you're just hearing about Dr. Mario World for the first time, it's a mobile version of Dr. Mario where you use capsules to break apart viruses and clear levels. Of course, not everything's how you remember it from the NES game, as drag-and-drop mechanics for placing capsules and other modernizations update the formula. Fortunately, Dr. Mario World's versus mode makes thinks feel slightly more authentic to the old school experience. You can download the game free on Apple and Android mobile devices.

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