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Avatar 2 has rough story

If all that racket down at the cinema is anything to go by, you lot just can’t get enough of Avatar .

Well, how’d you feel about a sequel?

James Cameron spoke to gossipy American news channel E! at the Producers Guild of America Awards last night, and confirmed that he’s definitely looking to follow up his green-fingered opus. He even says he’s got a “rough story” in mind.

“We just have to come up with a great story, which we haven't done yet. I have a rough story,” the movie trendsetter said. “But you need to make a script, so that might take some time. Don't start going to buy your tickets.”

The first Avatar officially passed Titanic yesterday as the biggest selling movie ever. So it’s no surprise that Cameron wants to build the flick into a franchise. After all, he’s trying to run a business over there.

But where would the plot go? If the first was a riff on Native Americans mixed with 9/11 Iraqi text (we’d call it subtext, but really it’s pretty damn obvious), the second would no doubt extend those themes into new territory. Guantanamo Bay maybe?

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