Assassin in action

These latest shots of the Jerusalem-set Assassin's Creed give the first glimpse of the game's medieval fighting action, with hero Altair taking on three armored guards in a swordfight. Fortunately, with the game's pioneering control method, you'll be able to cut your way through enemies like a hot poker through cooking fat. Tap the Images tab for more shots.

Assassin's Creed's combat works by giving Altair's limbs a separate button, similar to Tekken's set-up where you have different buttons for left and right punches and kicks. In Altair's case, you'll use two buttons for his left and right arms, a button for his legs and a button for his head.

In a fight, for instance, you'll be able to hack with your sword arm, kick out at another enemy and then parry an incoming attack, all in a fluid and instinctive action. It also works for climbing, with you reaching for handholds, pulling your feet up or looking around for where to scale next.

Assassin's Creed already looks like a sure-fire smash for Sony's next-gen console, although suggestions persist that Xbox 360 owners will be getting in on the adventure before too long. We'll be keeping an eagle eye on this promising medieval murderfest - expect to hear more soon.

August 14, 2006