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Family photos of all eight classes of upcoming massively multiplayer online RPG ArchLord have come to light(see them at the Images tab above) -but for a game practically exploding with originality and potential, we're disappointed to hear that once again, we'll be playing as humans, orcs and elves.

The heavy influence of Japanese anime in the character art should make up for the re-use of classic RPG archetypes. Characters are decked out in fantastically over-the-top outfits, lug wildly oversized weapons and wear armor that looks like it could rocket past Mach 3 at any second. Plus, ArchLord will offer what has to be the ultimate quest of any RPG, ever: the top player will ascend and rule the entire world of Chantra, serving as the ArchLord for a month... or more, if they can hold power. From what we've seen so far, ArchLord looks refreshingly different.

Keep reading to get more info on the races and classes. They're all going to try to be the ArchLord in their own way.