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ArchLord mount movie

Codemasters confirms both mounted combat and really cool, giant rides at the same time in their new movie of the massively multiplayer online game where you can rule the entire world, ArchLord.

The three distinct races each get their own epic mounts: horses for Humans (stay with us here, it gets better), armored battle rhinos for the Orcs, and giant Chinchilla/Tigers for the Moon Elves (Chigers? Tigchillas?). Bred for their skills in magic, no doubt.

The movie shows all three in action, so hit that Movies tab to see people riding around. The end of the trailer has a teaser for those of you who aspire to rise to the top of the food chain. Shown in action for the first time is the ArchLord's epic mount: a giant, flying dragon that shoots lightning out of - wait, no, they must be saving that trick for the movie undoubtedly coming out next week.

August 9, 2006