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Apple Arcade: Release date and price confirmed and more details

The Apple Arcade release date is official, and we even know the price you'll pay to stay subscribed to Apple's gaming-centric service. A special Apple Event on September 10 revealed that the Apple Arcade release date is set for September 19, and you won't have to pay anything to give it a try with a 1-month free trial. If you like what you play, the Apple Arcade price should be easy enough to fit into your budget. It's $4.99 a month for a family subscription, with the UK price TBA.

Apple Arcade price is $4.99

The Apple Arcade will only cost you $4.99 a month, which is pretty darn reasonable. The deal gets even better since that works for a whole family subscription, and you can even try it out ahead of time with a free one-month trial.

Apple Arcade release date is set for Sept. 19

The wait for Apple Arcade is almost over. The Apple Arcade release date will finally come on September 19, giving you the chance to start off with dozens of games on the subscription service.

Apple Arcade games will number more than 100 at launch

If you're paying upfront for a subscription service, you want to get a lot out of it. It sounds like the Apple Arcade games will deliver with more than 100 titles to download and play. Apple says it's carefully curating the Apple Arcade selection to highlight "games that redefine games". Here's a quick list of the confirmed Apple Arcade games announced at its debut.

  • Beyond A Steel Sky
  • Where Cards Fall
  • Fantasian
  • Lifelike
  • Overland
  • Hot Lava
  • Untitled Sonic the Hedgehog game

Apple Arcade streaming isn't happening, it's all downloads

This isn't Apple's answer to Google Stadia: Apple Arcade games will all download to your device and live there, allowing you to play even without an internet connection. Apple didn't mention this specifically, but the chances are very good that your Arcade library will require at least an intermittent online connection to verify you're still a paying customer.

Apple Arcade platforms will include iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac

The Apple Arcade will live on all of Apple's current major devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. You'll only need to pay one subscription to play your games across every platform, and none of them will be allowed to track any of your play data or personal information without your explicit permission.

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