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Abandoned developer Blue Box Game fuels Kojima rumors again following recent teaser

(Image credit: Blue Box Game Studios)

Abandoned developers Blue Box Game Studios has released a teaser image and fans are continuing to speculate that Hideo Kojima is somehow involved in the project.

In a recent tweet from the studio promoting the launch of their ‘real-time experience’, the developers shared a blurred photo of what appears to be someone wearing an eyepatch, an accessory that Metal Gear Solid fans will already be all too familiar with... 

This image has sparked even more rumours that Kojima is secretly working with the studio on the project, with some theorizing that the blurry eyepatch model could be Big Boss or Solidus Snake from the Kojima led series - despite the studio releasing a statement that dispelled these rumors shortly after the game was announced last April. 

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Other fans however have taken to the replies of the tweet stating that the mysterious eye-patch-wearing figure is actually a stock image used by the studio for the teaser. However many fans who are desperate for some kind of Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill news are reluctant to believe it. 

The teaser released by Blue Box Game Studios was attempting to hype up those excited for the game as the studio launches their trailer reveal app, now known as the Abandoned Real-Time Experience. The app will finally be released next month after its release was delayed from earlier this summer "due to localization issues." 

If you’re wondering why the team isn’t going to just release the trailer like normal, studio head Hasan Kahraman has stated that he wants future players of Abandoned to get a taste of the game's upcoming features such as haptic feedback and 3D audio which is available on the PS5. Abandoned will be exclusive to the PS5 when it releases later this year.

Theories surrounding the Death Stranding developer and Blue Box began shortly after the game first premiered on the Playstation official Twitter account. With some questioning why such a small game was getting so much spotlight. To make matters worse, Summer Games Fest creator - and friend of Hideo Kojima - Geoff Keighley replied to the tweet which also made the claim slightly more plausible to some. 

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