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A Pokemon Sword and Shield theme is Tetris 99's next event reward

(Image credit: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

Tetris 99's ninth Maximus Cup event is fast-approaching, and Pokemon fans will want to join in. For a limited time during the event period, Tetris 99 competitors will have the chance to win an exclusive in-game theme inspired by Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Unsurprisingly, the trailer for the new Tetris 99 theme doesn't seem to reveal any new Pokemon - in fact, garbage blocks mostly appear as gen-1 Pokemon, but it's a nice gift to fans waiting eagerly for Sword and Shield to drop November 15. The backdrop shows off the new Wild Area being introduced to the franchise with Sword and Shield, and the complete package includes themed music and sounds as well as the aforementioned Pokemon-themed garbage blocks.

The Tetris 99 9th Maximus Cup event runs from Thursday, November 7 at 11pm PT (2am Friday ET / 7am Friday BST) until Monday, November 11 at 10:59pm PT. All you need to do to secure your Pokemon Sword and Shield theme is compete in enough matches to earn 100 event points at some point during the event period.

For reference, one first place match nets you 100 points alone. That said, you're facing off against 99 other players, so you better be a pro if you expect to win the theme in one round. Second place gets you 50 points and third gets you 30, but every rank gets you something, so be persistent and you'll get your Pokeprize.

Guarantee your prize by studying up on our Tetris 99 tips before the big contest.

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