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666: The Prophecy review

The future looks bleak

Like some gore-spattered dandelion, Darren Lynn Bousman flutters to wherever the cinematic winds are blowing, be they in the darklands of torture-porn ( Saw II-IV ), goth-punk high weirdness ( Repo: A Genetic Opera ) or underwhelming ’80s slasher remakes ( Mother's Day ). And now, a new twist: preachy, PG-rated religi-horror.

Successful novelist Joseph Crone (Timothy Gibbs) endures a life-altering tragedy when his wife and kid are lost in a fire started by a crazed fan. While struggling to make sense of it all, he travels to Spain to visit his dying father and finds himself battling both demons and his own lack of faith.

Weak, heavy-handed and literally past its sell-by date – this is the film formerly known as 11-11-11

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