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The 25 most outrageous Nic Cage moments that made us say "Wait, he actually did that?"

6. Threatening Old Chucks - Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans (2009)

The Nic Cage Moment: Crooked junkie cop Terence McDonagh will stop at nothing to uncover the whereabouts of a witness in his case: including tracking down his grandmother, Betty, in her care home.

Why It's Nuts: He rips the oxygen supply from Betty's elderly patient, threatening to kill her if she doesn't fess up. When that holds no sway, he puts a gun to Betty's head.

Why It's Awesome: When McDonagh first reveals his hiding spot behind the door, his intimidating speech is soundtracked by the buzz of his electric razor while he shaves.

5. Breakdown - Deadfall (1993)

The Nic Cage Moment: For his brother's directorial debut, Cage was given free rein on every aspect of his character, Eddie, a sleazy con man. After an attempted hit on his life, he returns home to vent.

Why It's Nuts: Slamming the front door screaming "Someone's trying to kill me man!" he morphs into a blubbering mess after sniffing a cigar, then takes his crazy to the bed. Fists pounding the mattress, he froths and dribbles while incoherently ranting.

Why It's Awesome: The end of his tirade concludes with the nonsensical comment "... well, viva la fuckin France man!"

4. Bear punch - The Wicker Man (2006)

The Nic Cage Moment: In the so-bad-it's-good remake of The Wicker Man, Cage's investigation to find his missing daughter in a tight-knit coastal town pushes him to the bad cop brink.

Why It's Nuts: He punches one woman, then kicks another across the room in one of the movie's inadvertently hilarious scenes. Unsatisfied, he stomps off to smack another.

Why It's Awesome: ...cause he's wearing a bear suit throughout.

3. Prescription - Matchstick Men (2003)

The Nic Cage Moment: As OCD-sufferer Roy Waller in Ridley Scott's con men caper, an urgent visit to the pharmacy spirals into a performance that'd be a show-stopper on Broadway.

Why It's Nuts: A recipe of fervent wailing, nervous tics and inane babbling, all aimed at the pharmacist and a queue of customers he's gleefully ignored, this is Cage at his most riotous.

Why It's Awesome: In an attempt to coerce the pharmacist, he yells "Have you ever been dragged to the sidewalk and beaten until you PISSED BLOOD?!"

2. Vampires Kiss (1988)

The Nic Cage Moment: His entire performance as the mentally-unhinged literary executive Peter Loew.

Why It's Nuts: Embracing the bizarre belief that he's transformed into a vampire, he dons a set of plastic fangs, dragging an old plank around New York like an evil dervish. Screaming "I'm a vampire!" down the street tops it off, securing Vampire's Kiss as his most certifiably batsh*t.

Why It's Awesome: Cage commits to his method performance by actually eating a live cockroach.

1. The Nic Cage losing his sh*t mash-up

The Nic Cage Moment: A four minute, fan-made mash-up chronicling Cage's most manic movie scenes.

Why It's Nuts: Never has there been a more relentless barrage of an actor's choicest cuts - interspersed with frenzied screams, hissy fits and cries of anguish - building to a deranged crescendo.

Why It's Awesome: It's edited to maximise the impact of Cage's continual descent into insanity, all perfectly set to Clint Mansell's haunting Requiem For A Dream score.

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