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The 25 most outrageous Nic Cage moments that made us say "Wait, he actually did that?"

16. Johnny Blaze pisses fire - Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance (2012)

The Nic Cage Moment: Johnny Blaze (Cage) takes youngster Danny (Fergus Riordan) under his wing, taking the time to answer the kid's questions about the logistics of being on fire.

Why It's Nuts: Cage's response when asked what it's like to pee while on fire: "It's awesome, its like a flamethrower." Seriously.

Why It's Awesome: Instead of leaving it at that, the movie cuts away to a shot of Blaze peeing fire.

15. The Fudgsicle story

The Nic Cage Moment: At the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011, Cage regaled reporters with a true home-invasion story.

Why It's Nuts: Well, let him tell you: "It was two in the morning. I was living in Orange County at the time and was asleep with my wife. My two-year old at the time was in another room. I opened my eyes and there was a naked man wearing my leather jacket eating a Fudgesicle in front of my bed... I know it sounds funny... but it was horrifying." Jeez.

Why It's Awesome: There's no proof that it happened or whether it was simply an insane ice-cream related stunt. We wouldn't put it past him.

14. Multi-sexing - Drive Angry (2011)

The Nic Cage Moment: Mid-coitus, the fully-clothed John Milton (Cage) and the very-naked Candy (Charlotte Ross) are interrupted when armed goons bust down the door guns ablazin'.

Why It's Nuts: Milton bats away a hatchet, a taser and countless rounds of bullets, as he chugs from his whiskey bottle and chomps on his cigar... all while still having sex.

Why It's Awesome: If the above description didn't win you over, then his response to Candy as to why he refuses to undress might: "I never disrobe before a gunfight."

13. Japanese commercials

The Nic Cage Moment: A series of commercials for Sankyo, a Japanese company specialising in a pinball game called Pachinko.

Why It's Nuts: One of the commercials involves him standing on a car screaming the brand name after meeting a group of sexy triplets that somehow transforms him into a blithering idiot.

Why It's Awesome: In the final clip, dressed like a cowboy, he abandons his pickup truck to dance in the middle of a highway with a horde of folks in shiny silver outfits. As you do.

12. Do you want this cake? - The Family Man (2000)

The Nic Cage Moment: One of The Family Man's most banal scenes wherein the ungrateful businessman Jack Campbell (Cage) spots his wife (Tea Leoni) eating his chocolate cake.

Why It's Nuts: Adapting this dull example of domesticity into a techno-rave tune with an animated video is an inspired choice, especially since it's not a particularly memorable moment from the movie.

Why It's Awesome: The tiny animated Cage head on top of a rotisserie chicken bouncing across the screen.

11. Soul dancin - Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans (2009)

The Nic Cage Moment: Coked-up the eyeballs, Lt. McDanogh (Cage), along with gang leader Big Fate and his crew, shoot up a roomful of gangsters.

Why It's Nuts: McDanogh isn't satisfied that one of the perps is dead, crying out "Shoot him again... his souls still dancing!" before busting a gut laughing as the corpse break-dances across the floor.

Why It's Awesome: It's all a hallucination, but he still pumps the body full of lead anyway.

10. The Nic Cage prank

The Nic Cage Moment: Say you're a big Nic Cage fan. The biggest. It's not enough of a testament to his greatness to simply watch his movies. If you want to show the world you're truly a devout Cagie, it's best to include him in family photos.

Why It's Nuts: The guy who pulled this prank on his brother for calling Cage a d-bag deserves a meme award. He printed off hundreds of tiny Nic Cage heads and plastered them across all of the family photos spread throughout the house.

Why It's Awesome: It didn't end at mere real-life Photoshop mayhem. With a few heads spare he dotted them on ice cubes, his brothers shoes, glued one to the batteries in the TV remote, on his kids nappies...

9. Pseudo Priest - Face/Off (1997)

The Nic Cage Moment: Bug-eyed Castor Troy impersonates a priest leading a choir rehearsal during the movie's opening scene.

Why It's Nuts: Dressing like a man of the cloth doesn't make him one. He exploits his priest garb to grope a choirgirl and hollers "Hallelujah!" as he pleasures himself beneath his cassock.

Why It's Awesome: The very fact of Cage's presence in a movie automatically suggests hysterical behaviour will occur, but this introduction goes above and beyond.

8. The Bucharest nightclub incident

The Nic Cage Moment: Caught by the paparazzi during a dispute outside a Bucharest nightclub, Cage goes into a full-blown meltdown.

Why It's Nuts: While it's not certain how the tussle began, Cage is clearly upset. Ranting and raving around a car park, the news clip ends with his heroic declaration "I'll die in the name of honour!"

Why It's Awesome: He's not in character. This is pure Cage. Straight up.

7. Not The Bees! - The Wicker Man (2006)

The Nic Cage Moment: It's all over for Officer Edward Malus. Victim to a devious trap set by the inhabitants of the island cult, he's offered up as a sacrifice.

Why It's Nuts: The sacrifice involves Cage being restrained by a zealous gaggle of women, who attach a wicker cage to his face then 'pour' bees into it. Despite the huge holes (plot and literal), it still has the desired effect.

Why It's Awesome: His repeated shriek of "Not the bees! Not the bees!" has become the stuff of oft-quoted legend.

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