12 Best unconventional movie weapons

Today’s DVD and Blu-ray release of the Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men - an exceptional flick with bloody gunfights - introduces one of the more bizarre killing apparatuses in years. Deranged assassi-baddie Anton Chigurh, complete with He-Man moptop and vacant glare, conducts business (i.e. kills people) with an air-powered cattle gun that uses compressed air to blow a bolt through his victim’s skulls. Not only is it extremely bloody, but it's a perfect way to evade CSI (no bullet shells!).

And with all the movie magic and special-effect witchery in cinema, we’ve been privy to some peculiar choices for ways to beat, bludgeon, eviscerate, stab, slice and melt people. Here are some of our favorites:

Evil Dead 2 - Chainsaw arm
Let’s get the classic out of the way. After Ash’s hand’s been possessed by evil, he lops it off with a chainsaw, then mounts said chainsaw upon his meat-mushed stump for a monster donnybrook. Yes, we know Leatherface has been sawing disillusioned Southern teens for years. But it wasn’t until the machinery was mounted in place of Ash’s extremity that we thought we, too, could become cyborgs.

Oldboy - Broken CD
Proving more useful than a shattered zip disk, yet more compact than an eight-track tape, a broken CD is wielded to gruesome effect by Villain Woo-jin. Overhearing his long-dead sister being called a slut, he calmly ejects a CD, snaps it, and repeatedly stabs a man in throat with it. Now that’s high fidelity.