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10 reasons to savor Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD

5) Meet the jolliest rogers
Led by the domineering Cap’n Slag (who insists his robotic crew never misses a yoga lesson), the Space Pirates are the franchise’s most entertaining enemy race, muttering some ace incidental lines. They’ll also comment on whatever weapon you’re using. “Look out lads, storm’s a brewing!” one of them will shout, as you launch a tornado their way.

6) You can play it like RE 4
Well, it’s not that similar to Resident Evil 4, but the over-the-shoulder view lets you creep about like Leon Kennedy and get a seriously intimate view of the action (and Ratchet’s fuzzy ears). Don’t expect to survive for very long, as it’s not the most practical of perspectives. But if you’re going to be firing the thunderous Alpha Cannon, letting rip from this perspective will make you feel like a god. With fuzzy ears. Like Zeus, but rejigged for Japan.