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10 reasons to savor Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD

3) The ‘chorus line’ massacre
Ratchet games have always thrown a lot of resistance your way, but never as generously as this. Certain spots see over a dozen enemies rushing you at once, and any stress swiftly turns to the joy of massacre with one of your more excessive weapons. Oh, and be sure to get the ‘Chorus Line’ skill point for making 10 or more enemies dance at once. We found it easiest to achieve on Planet Fastoon, while finding ship parts.

4) Deathmatch scraps
While most of Tools of Destruction ticks along much like Ratchet & Clank 2, it throws up the odd frantic scenario that reminds us of Ratchet 3. Joined by Cronk and Zephyr, you’ll be defending certain chunks of turf - say, the entrance to the Rykan spaceport - while droves of Cragmite warriors descend from dropships. More of this kind of chaos in the next game, please.