10 of the most extreme controllers EVER

Popping off people’s heads and spraying explosive shrapnel everywhere in increasingly realistic first-person shooters can be intensely thrilling, but simply playing these games isn’t stimulating enough for some hardcore gamers. To remedy this, TN Gamescreated a device that simulates what it’s like to be punched, stabbed, shot, gored, eviscerated, exploded, and otherwise bludgeoned with devastating virtual weaponry. The 3rd Space Gaming Vest looks like a flak jacket, and delivers a solid body-pummeling experience when connected to your PC system and used while playing first-person shooters. Oh hell yeah.

Anytime you’re hit in the game while wearing the vest, a small but forceful impact jabs you in one or more of eight possible corresponding regions. It’s all powered by an air compressor. While it doesn’t really hurt, it can be a bit jarring to have your guts violently kneaded like dough any time an opponent shoves a high-powered rocket down your throat. For players who want the full-body experience, an HTX Helmet is in the works. There’s nothing quite like getting shot in the head for fun.

Above: FUN!