ATV Offroad Fury Pro - hands-on

Bikes, in particular, handle as if the developers brought people on board who had some real experience with both riding and programming them.And although an off-road game with more than just ATVs or MX bikes isn't unique, the plethora of situations you can put these vehicles into makesthis sequel seem like one that could really define the Offroad Fury franchise.

Let's see... online and offline play... earned points that unlock tracks and parts for all the event and vehicle types... online play shipping with voice support.Yeah, that's a nice chunk of stuff to do with the buggy you want to get perfectly customized.

Speaking of customization, you can't insert yourself into story mode (you play a schmuck nicknamed "Slick"), but there's still plenty of fiddling to do. Tune your vehicles' shocks, brakes and gear ratios, or pick up paint jobs, logos and a whole bunch of options from wheel and tire upgrades to clutch and gearbox improvements.

ATV Offroad Fury Pro ships with fewer race type choices than its PS2 counterpart (ATV Offroad Fury 4), but supports ad hoc and "real" wireless play to a radical extent. You can even exchange custom courses with the PS2 version, plus share a buddy list between both platforms, letting you chat with friends from either version on the PSP. It's a shame that Fury Proisn't as full-featured as Fury 4, but it's nice to see a developer releasing the PSPedition of a game as more than just a shoddy port.

We'll continue to get down and dirty with ATV Offroad Fury Pro, and will report back with a full review shortly.