At least one Star Wars: Rogue One star has a sequel clause in their contract

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Apologies if you’re still recovering from seeing Star Wars: Rogue One but there’s something important you should know. A big Rogue One character, one fans would love to see again, has a clause in their contract for a sequel. Spoilers, obviously, follow.

THR are reporting that Felicity Jones, that’s Jyn Erso if you’ve been living under a space rock, ‘has one sequel option in her contract’.

The option means Jyn Erso isn’t guaranteed to pop up in, say, the Young Han Solo movie but, with the success of Rogue One, it’d be rude not to. Or how about Rogue One: Two? 

Where do you think Jyn Erso will appear next (if at all)? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Lucasfilm/ILM