Armed Assault: Queen's Gambit review

God save it, for now

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  • +

    Realistic combat

  • +

    New campaigns play well

  • +

    Satisfaction from defeating small army


  • -

    Awful cutscenes

  • -

    One save point and fierce Enemy AI

  • -

    No dramatic changes

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Oct 29, 2007

YouTube has already shown us that four people in a Halo level is enough to craft a sitcom. So why can’t developers tell a decent war story in a wargame?

Royal Flush, one of two single-player campaigns included in this first expansion for Armed Assault, opens with one of the most painful exercises in Cutscene Theatre ever committed to disc. The horrifying creepiness of immobile models spouting misogynistic HUR HUR GUNS dialogue, like Barbie for NRA members, is all the more bemusing for being so unnecessary. As a straightforward upgrade to Armed Assault, which itself didn’t wander far from the original Operation Flashpoint, this is about hugely realistic squad combat: crawling through undergrowth trying not to get your head blown off.

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DescriptionTake Queen's Gambit as a harbinger that the original is now worth playing. If and when you've exhausted that, then this is waiting for you.
US censor rating""
UK censor rating"16+"
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)