Arcade sports game Street Power Soccer looks like a cartoonish FIFA Street

(Image credit: Gamajun Games)

Street Power Soccer is a new arcade-style sports game which feels like a cartoonish riff on FIFA Street at first blush.

It's openly over-the-top and features several party game-esque game modes apart from its 3v3 (or 2v2) standard street matches, including a freestyle mode where you perform tricks, a trickshot mode where you hit specific shots and targets HORSE-style, and an elimination mode which plays out as a series of 1v1s. These come together in an adventure mode which tests your abilities against popular freestyle players, from Sean Garnier to Liv Cooke. 

In a PlayStation Blog post, Shawn Cotter of publisher Maximum Games described Street Power Soccer as "a stylish and energetic game with a unique spin on the sport reminiscent of fun, arcade sports titles like NBA Street, SSX Tricky, and RBI Baseball," and there's more than a bit of FIFA Street to it as well. But as Cotter said, the silliness has been turned up considerably. I've never played street ball, but I'm reasonably sure it doesn't include power-ups like flaming balls, teleportation, and super jumps. 

Street Power Soccer is as much a multiplayer action game as it is a street ball sim - so much so that Cotter reckons "it doesn’t matter if you call it soccer or football, are a lifelong fan, or never touched a soccer ball in your life, as Street Power Soccer turns the rules upside down." 

The game was announced on the PlayStation Blog and its trailer specifies a PS4 release, but it's also coming to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam) this summer. 

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