April Green Lantern launch welcomes new artist and new GLs

Green Lantern #1
(Image credit: DC)

Last month DC announced writer Geoffrey Thorne (Truth & Justice) would carry on from his Future State: Green Lantern duties and launch a new Green Lantern series in April, and now we know Thorne will be joined by artist Dexter Soy (Batman & the Outsiders). 

page from March's Infinite Frontier #0 by Dexter Soy (Image credit: DC)

The new series launches April 6 as part of DC's new Infinite Frontier era and will star John Stewart, but it will also feature new additions to the core Green Lantern mythology including Sojourner 'Jo' Mullein and Teen Lantern.

"The newly formed United Planets and the Guardians of the Universe hold an intergalactic summit to decide who can best serve and protect the cosmos from danger," reads DC's description. 

"With the majority of Green Lanterns called back to Oa, John Stewart arrives alongside Teen Lantern Keli Quintela, whose powerful gauntlet could be one of the most powerful and unstable weapons in the universe. With the entire landscape of the universe in flux, is this the end of the Green Lantern Corps...or a new beginning?"

The publisher is promising the addition of the Far Sector star later on in the series. 

page from March's Infinite Frontier #0 by Dexter Soy (Image credit: DC)

"As the new Green Lantern series progresses, Jo Mullein joins the Corps to find out why the Central Power Battery exploded. Jo and Keli are on the case—are they the World’s Finest Lanterns?? What will this dynamic duo uncover as they investigate!?"

Created by writer N.K. Jemisin and artist Jamal Campbell, Jo Mullein is the Green Lantern at the center of the 12-issue limited series Far Sector that launched as part of the Gerard Way curated Young Animal imprint. 

The critically-acclaimed now-Black Label mature readers series (issue #10 is on sale in February) focuses on the Earth-born GL who isn't a full-fledged member of the main GL Corps as she patrols a quadrant of the galaxy so remote that Oa hasn't even designated it with a number. 

Jo will 'cross over' with the more central DCU first in January and February's Future State where she'll represent the Corps in the near-future Justice League. 

Green Lantern #1 cover by Bernard Chang (Image credit: DC)

As for Teen Lantern, that's the only-just-slightly erroneous codename of 11-year-old kid genius Keli Quintela, who managed to build a gauntlet that hacks into Oa's main Power Battery, giving her similar powers to a Green Lantern without the Guardians' knowledge – all from her mom's living room in La Paz, Bolivia. 

Created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Patrick Gleason, Teen Lantern was a key member of the recent Young Justice reboot, a family of titles geared towards younger readers.

A future partnership from characters from opposite ends of the intended reader spectrum will be an interesting dynamic to keep an eye on.

And one notable character not mentioned by DC or seen on the cover is Hal Jordan, of course, which will be another dynamic to keep an eye on. 

The series will be previewed with a story in March 2's Infinite Frontier #0 by Thorne and Soy, from which the accompanying preview page above is from. 

April's Green Lantern #1 will feature a cover by Bernard Chang, plus a card stock variant cover by Bryan Hitch.

Look for DC's full April 2021 solicitations at 12pm ET on Friday, January 15.

Neither Jo and Keli rank as one of the greatest Green Lanterns of all time ... yet. But give them time. 

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