Another World/Out of This World gets 20th anniversary iOS release

If you don’t know who Eric Chahi is, you should! Chahi’s latest project From Dust has been enjoying a fairly warm reception on Steam and XBLA. But twenty years ago, the French game designer created Another World (aka Out of This World), which in the limited-tech days of 1991 was about the closest videogames ever came to feeling cinematic.

In the spirit of bringing great classics to new platforms, development studio DotEmu has announced that it is working with Chahi to celebrate Another World’s twentieth birthday with a special anniversary edition release for the iPhone and iPad.

According to DotEmu, the Another World: Anniversary Edition features graphics enhanced for the HD screens of iOS devices – but it also contains all the jaggy original visuals for those seeking a true retro experience. Similarly, controls have been optimized for touch-screen, but an old-style D-pad interface will also be available.

The game's default difficulty setting is easier than the original, because we're all soft these days and don't even bother to argue. But the “Difficult” setting offers a level of challenge equivalent to the original's, and “Hardcore” mode proves once more that in 2011, we have more choice than ever before. Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition will be available for $4.99 on the App Store on September 22.

Sep 7, 2011