Ankh: Heart of Osiris [import] review

We clicked a Sphinx and its nose fell off


  • Good puzzles and story
  • Likeable characters
  • Treading old ground


  • Breaking no new ground
  • Clicking sometimes misses
  • Some not obvious puzzles

Before talking about Ankh however, a massive round of applause to Heart of Osiris’s copy protection; a code-breaking set of concentric cardboard rings which - if used correctly - win you an essential item in the game. Essential to passing the first chapter, anyway. It’s a fitting retro throwback, and instantly warms you to the game. If you’ve played the first game, there’re plenty of recognizable faces to draw you back into the world of conniving Egyptian gods.

More Info

DescriptionHow can you not have fun in ancient Egypt when clicking a Sphinx makes its nose fall off?
UK censor rating12+
Release date (US), 18 May 2007 (UK)