Animal Crossing's Isabelle and Doomguy can finally hang out (or kill each other) in Smash Bros. Ultimate

Smash Bros. Ultimate
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The gaming world's most unlikely duo, Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Slayer from the Doom series, can finally unite in unholy matrimony (or just kill each other, more likely) thanks to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's latest update.

Back in March 2020, folks from polar opposite corners of the gaming community came together to collectively ship Doomguy and Isabelle, whose respective games launched on the same day. The simple fact that two Very Different games released together became a bonafide meme, spawning fan creations like this adorable pixel art crossover animation, wholesome tweets like this one from Bethesda, and of course, a spirited debate in the halls of GamesRadar's offices.

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Now, Doomguy and Isabelle can be together in the same game, and ironically it isn't Doom or Animal Crossing. Smash Bros. Ultimate's final update features several new Mii fighter costumes, including one designed around Doom Slayer; and thus is the culmination of 19 months of memes and prudent crossover branding from Bethesda.

Despite the hype around Doomguy and Isabelle getting to chill together in-game, the biggest highlight of Smash Bros. Ultimate's new update is undoubtedly the addition of Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series. Fans of Smash Bros. and Kingdom Hearts have waited years for this to happen, and on the day the character was added to the roster, the Switch eShop buckled under a massive surge in people trying to buy the DLC. Thankfully, everything's in working order now.

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