Animal Crossing player builds game-within-a-game to entertain visiting friends

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A pair of considerate islanders built working spin-the-wheel games with prizes for friends visiting their Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands. Here's why that's a thoughtful and helpful thing to do.

Visiting friends' islands in Animal Crossing is a no-brainer right now. We can't meet up in-person, so why not hang out in the virtual worlds we're pretending are real life?  Ideally, it's a frolicking affair full of laughter that creates unforgettable memories. But the thing is, there actually isn't a whole lot to do for friends visiting each other's islands. You can see what's new in Nook's Cranny, maybe fish for a while, and take pictures while emoting, but then what?

You can't decorate when a friend's over (obviously), which is probably the thing players spend the most time doing in Animal Crossing, so you're sort-of twiddling your thumbs until they leave.

The idea originated from Reddit user littlesquishes, who rather ingeniously plans to bury pitfalls to surprise unlucky players. Meanwhile, maxy-ac's spin-the-wheel game is more forgiving and includes prizes for every spin. The concept is simple enough: just spin the wheels to decide where to dig up your prize. According to maxy-ac, you can "get anything from a tree branch to a gold nugget or rare furniture."

If you want to build the game on your own island, just bury some stuff and craft a couple of wheels. That way the next time you want to host a virtual hang out on your Animal Crossing island, you'll have some entertainment planned for the occasion.

Cheers, Destructoid.

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