Angry Birds Space: Gameplay makes its debut in the first-ever zero-gravity trailer

For the first gameplay trailer to Angry Birds: Space, Rovio decided it wanted to do something a bit special. With the company flush with Angry Birds clout, it set its sights high: the developer says this is the first-ever videogame trailer to be shot in space. We certainly can't think of another one, and our job involves watching quite a few videogame trailers. Just like Don Pettit's job involves flying into space and... playing Angry Birds.

Clearly providing no shortage of fun for the NASA astronaut, the clip manages to divide its time between gameplay footage, and real-life extraterrestrial physics demonstrations. Puts something of a damper on all those “we shot this in our studio, say hi to the animator!” clips, huh?

Angry Birds: Space releases on iOS, Android, Mac and PC come the 22nd of this month, including 60 new spacebound levels, new types of birds, and more porcine spacefaring than we've seen in quite some time.