Andrew And Jeremy Get Married review

Jeremy is a 68-year-old retired English professor who likes to read poetry and attend picnics. Fussy, caring and likeably garrulous, he spent his late teens and early 20s being `cured' of his homosexuality by buttoned-up doctors. Andrew is a 49-year-old retired bus driver who likes to chug cider and vacuum cigarettes. Sloven, awkward and likeably taciturn, he spent much of his late teens and early 20s doing heroin and going around beating up queers. The two of them have been inseparable for the past five years.

Culled from 120 hours of raw footage into 72 moth-eaten minutes, Don Boyd's shabbily presented DIY digi-doc manages to swerve any technical difficulties with its honest portrayal of two remarkable men. "Fascinating, loving, caring, amusing, complicated and sensitive" is how Boyd describes the couple. He's not wrong.

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