An American Werewolf In Paris review

Beware: lycanthropic tosh alert. Having transported the moonlit action to another European capital city, An American Werewolf In Paris begins promisingly enough with Tom Everett Scott falling - (literally) - for suicidal French lovely Julie Delpy in a bungee jump off Le Eiffel Tower. It's somewhat inadvisable, however, as she quickly turns out to be a werewolf, who runs around with a gang of evil, fang-sprouting, hairy mates. This shallow sequel fails badly, despite attempting to fuse gore and laughs in equal measure, something its classic predecessor did so brilliantly. The CGI wolves are just about convincing, but no way are they scary, while the slapstick humour is way off the mark. And as for the excruciatingly ridiculous, beyond-the-realms-of-pastiche ending, involving another bungee jump off Le Statue Of Liberty...

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