Someone drew Megaman in the God of War style and it's the Norse reboot you didn't know you needed

Would you want to play as Mjolnirman?

Credit: Marco Plouffe

Every now and again a video game reboot comes along that completely changes how you feel about its characters, message, and the overall franchise. For many people that was God of War, when creative director Cory Barlog reimagined it in the Norse world. Now this might sound ridiculous, but the next candidate could very well be Megaman. Yes, seriously. Artist Marco Plouffe drew the bright blue hero as if he has been brought up in the harsh world of furs, ale, and gods that are a bit too enthusiastic about killing each other and giving birth to giant serpents. 

Credit: Marco Plouffe

When it comes to reboots this would potentially be one helheim of a change, but Plouffe has already taken the runnin’ gunnin’ hero to many more worlds. In his Artstation portfolio you can find an Alien hybrid version of Megaman, or if dark fantasy is more your kind of thing Zero from Megaman also been drawn as if he were a horrifying Dark Souls boss. Shudder. But we might not have to wait that long to see what the next version of Megaman looks like. With the Megaman 11 producer confirming that there’s a new Megaman game in the works, it’s incredibly unlikely that we’re going to see a significant reboot of the beloved robot, but hey, you never know… 

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