Amnesia: Rebirth story trailer hints at a disaster in the desert

(Image credit: Frictional Games)

A new story trailer for Amnesia: Rebirth has just been released.

With spooky season well underway, a new Amnesia game feels fitting. Ahead of the game's release later this month, a new trailer reveals more about the game's story, and shows off the terrifying world you'll be exploring.

If you're familiar with the Amnesia games, then you'll already have a decent background to Rebirth. Earlier this year, developer Frictional Games confirmed that the new game picks up right where the first game left off. That's in contrast to the second game, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, which was an "indirect sequel" to A Dark Descent.

The new story trailer takes you through some of Rebirth's desert environments, narrated by Salim, one of the remaining crew members of downed plane The Cassandra. While Salim's voice will guide you through the game, you'll be exploring as Tasi, dealing with her own trauma as she tries to survive through the game's dark, dilapidated, and ghoul-filled world.

The video reveals a little more backstory, including the game's 1930's setting, and the fates of Salim and the rest of his crew, stranded when their plane crash lands in the desert. As if things weren't bad enough for the narrator and his pals, this is an Amnesia game, and it seems as though things get very bad for them, very quickly.

You can pre-order Amnesia: Rebirth right now ahead of its release on PC and PS4 on October 20 - which means you should have enough time to mentally prepare yourself for the ordeal of playing it on Halloween.

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