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Alienation, from the folks behind Resogun and Dead Nation, arrives April 26

If you bought a PlayStation 4 at launch, you probably played your fair share of Resogun (opens in new tab), the geometric shoot-em-up. It was one of the first, and one of the best, games available for the system at the time - and of course, being free via PS Plus didn't hurt. Well, developer Housemarque is back with a new game, Alienation, and it looks like you'd better make some free time starting April 26.

Instead of playing as a lone spaceship and blowing basic geometric shapes into smaller bits as you did in Resogun, Alienation will have you blasting aliens to smithereens with up to three other xeno hunters. It also bears more than passing similarity (opens in new tab) to Dead Nation, another isometric shoot-em-to-bits game from Housemarque. Expect plenty of powerful weapons to upgrade, hordes of enemies to plow through, and lots of particle-heavy explosions, AKA the staples of a Housemarque game.

Hey, no need to fix what ain't broke.

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