Alexander Skarsgrd the latest to be linked to The Crow

It was only last week that Tom Hiddleston was being widely reported as the clear frontrunner to head up Warner Bros' long-awaited remake of The Crow , but there’s already a new name in the equation in the form of Alexander Skarsgård.

Deadline reports that Hiddleston’s involvement has only amounted to a brief conversation with the studio, with nothing more developing from that early introduction.

Instead, the source is reporting that Alexander Skarsgård is top of the studio’s hit-list, with the part being his to turn down. That said, the report does go on to clarify that no official offer has been made at this stage…

The film will re-tell the classic tale of a murdered rocker, who returns from the dead to take revenge on the killers who did for him and his girlfriend.

Skarsgård is just the latest in a long line of stars to be linked to the title role of Eric Draven, with the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper and James McAvoy all having been and gone. Let's see if he signs on the line before there’s a new contender in the frame…

George Wales

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