Alan Wake in-game visuals

This new footage of Alan Wake, the supernatural spookfest from Max Payne developer Remedy, gives you an idea of the vast and detailed world that you'll be exploring as the frustrated writer.

And these brand new screens - including the first in-game images - suggest an Alone in the Dark-esque trouble-by-torchlight flavor to the adventuring. Hit the Movies tab for the footage and then the Images tab for more shots.

We've yet to see any images of Alan's mysterious enemies - supernatural beings who are born from his own fevered dreams when the sun drops behind the horizon. But the first in-game shots at least put to rest any questions about the visuals being as impressive while you play.

With no confirmed release date (except for "2007") and details of gameplay thin on the ground, we'll have to keep waiting to see if Alan Wake's spookiness works in action, or just in theory.

But point your eyes at the footage and you'll at least see how tense the game could be, with a hurricane popping up to destroy Alan's surroundings and some eerie flashlight-pierced night-time searching.

October 2, 2006

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