Alan Sugar tells Retro Gamer his plans to create an Amstrad museum

(Image credit: Amstrad)

Alan Sugar has spoken about his plans to build a new Amstrad museum in a new interview with Retro Gamer.

Speaking exclusively in Retro Gamer 209, which is on sale now, the Apprentice UK host opened up on why he wants to create a space for people to see his computers that took the European home computing scene by storm. 

“I’m thinking of taking one of my warehouses somewhere and just allocating a space where I can collect all these things and put them nicely on display,” Lord Sugar says. “I just decided it could be useful to start collecting these items.”

However, this isn't a brand new business plan, as Lord Sugar is clear that this is more about preserving the past. He told Retro Gamer:  “I won’t be trying to make a business out of it, it will be a personal thing for myself but if Amstrad people want to come and see it, then I’ll make it accessible for them." 

Lord Sugar might not need to dip into his own personal stash of Amstrad computers though. After tweeting about his plans, Roland Perry, Amstrad’s former group technical consultant, responded by suggesting that he would be "happy to help coordinate a larger collection", while The Centre For Computing History in Cambridge have also offered to help with the efforts to preserve the memory of Amstrad. 

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