Age of Conan Interview, part one

What other unique gameplay elements are you introducing?

Erling Ellingsen:
Besides the real-time combat system, you'll have very unique features such as drunken brawling, the prestige classes, mounted combat where you actually charge into enemies, decapitations and the ability to cut of limbs, finishing moves and so on.

I also think many players will look at the graphics and realize that this is unprecedented in the world of MMOs. We're building a world with so many small details that you'll immediately be immersed.

The world of Conan is very different from other fantasy games. Violence is the norm and players will quite soon enough realize why this game is going for the Mature rating.

I would say that our city-building and siege warfare features are going to be some of the game's strongest points, and though they're not really unique to these games, players will find the implementation of these features solid.

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