After nearly 100 in-game years, this Stardew Valley player has truly completed their farm

Stardew Valley
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A Stardew Valley fan has spent nearly 100 in-game years creating their perfect farm.

It's been seven years since Stardew Valley launched, and in that time, the delightful farming sim has gained a vast following of fans eager to grow crops, raise livestock, fish, and indulge in all the other activities required to build and run a successful farm. Few, however, are as serious about it as violetswan76, who recently revealed that they've been running the one farm in Stardew for nearly 100 in-game years. 

Over on the Stardew Valley subreddit, the player shares images of their farm, which is currently in its 98th year. "I reached perfection somewhere in the 60s, and I was already very far in before the Ginger Island update ever existed," violetswan76 explains in the comments. Currently, they've spent over 3,300 hours on their farm and have amassed 100,390,694 gold. 

Year 98 Farm with NO mods! Trying to make it to 100. Farm pics, stats an collections from r/StardewValley

Of course, once a farm is up and running for a few years, things can get a bit slower and less exciting, but violetswan76 has come up with ways to keep things interesting. "I do get bored with it sometimes and walk away," the player admits, "sometimes for months, but then I'll invent a new little challenge for myself and get working on it."

One of the challenges they've set for themselves is collecting a complete stack of 999 of each and every one of the game's items. "You name it, I've probably got a whole stack of it", says violetswan76. "I started with cooking 999 of every recipe, which takes forever because you have to grow all that stuff, and then along the way, I started collecting 999 of every quality of every fruit and veg and then jam and wine and aged wine. Then all the gems, all the forage items, all the flowers in every color in every quality. Really almost everything."

Now they're working on completing their fish collection and trying to make it to year 100. Given their patience and dedication so far, we don't think they'll have any problem reaching that milestone.

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