Accessor-Wiis leaked

Thursday 7 September 2006
In anticipation of the imminent arrival of Nintendo's new console, an online retailer has begun listing some intriguing peripherals for Wii.

The delights on offer include the Wii Controller Glove ($10, or roughly £5), Wii Storage & Protection 1.0GB Kit ($70, or £37), and the Wii Sling Bag ($30, or £16).

Other interesting accessories on US retailer Gamestop's websiteinclude Wii SD memory cards for $40 (approx £21) and Donkey Kong, Zelda and Mario 'ICON' skins for $20 (approx £10). The release date for these items is 1 November.

Our best guess for the perfect use of a Wii Controller Glove would be sweat-inducing physical fighting games, but the ICON skins have us pretty stumped. Surely no one would shell out a tenner just to have Mario's mustache-tastic face on their Wii user interface, when Microsoft's Marketplace Themes are only around £1.70 each? Well, actually, maybe they would.