Academic anthology examines Doctor Who

A former SFX Pulp Idol winner and a leading novelist are contributing to a book exploring Doctor Who and mythology

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New Doctor Who academic anthology

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The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who features contributions from Dr Colin Harvey, who won the first SFX Pulp Idol competition in 2006, and Simon Guerrier, author of numerous Doctor Who spin-off novels. It’s published by Kitsune and edited by Anthony S Burdge, Jessica Burke and Kristine Larsen.

“The book looks at the ways in which new and classic Doctor Who uses things like Greek myth, but also how the series plays with its own mythology,” says Harvey, who has gone on to write original fiction and to contribute to Big Finish’s Doctor Who range. “It’s both academically rigorous and accessible.”

Guerrier, who provides the introduction, says the book is “full of original insight and analysis. I read it wishing I could be so clever, and choosing which bits to steal.”

Both Harvey and Guerrier – along with fellow contributor Melissa Beattie – will be part of a special panel launching the book at the British Science Fiction Association at 7pm on 26 May 2010, to be held at Upstairs Room, The Antelope Tavern, 22 Eaton Terrace, Belgravia, London, SW1W 8EZ.

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