Above the Law - City of Heroes

All the other games represented here are based on existing comic heroes (and Marvel ones, at that) - but only City of Heroes lets you make your own. A good deal of the fun in this massively multiplayer RPG comes from creating your own superhero, choosing from hundreds of various costume parts, accessories, and body types. Robotic arms, rotting zombie flesh, tattered kung-fu outfit, permanent goofy good-guy grin - put them all on one hideous character if you like. Design your outfit, create your own personal catchphrase and set up a supergroup with civic-minded friends. Justice isn't going to uphold itself.

Once you get into the world of Paragon City - which needs your protection after an alien invasion by the Rikti leaves it ripe for the criminal picking - you'll find yourself battling evil in the form of street thugs, self-aware robots, well-dressed "family men" and even those invading Rikti forces. As you progress as a hero, your selected skills ramp up with you. Tear through the streets of Steel Canyon at super speed, dodging mutated gang members as you rush to a burning building; leap among the rooftops of Kings Row, putting an end to the sick ceremonies of the Circle of Thorns cultists; and yes, even fly over the destroyed 'burg of Boomtown, smiting paramilitary soldiers armed with flamethrowers. It's a very action-oriented experience, but more than anything, it's your action-oriented experience. With deep and creative customization, a respect for comics' past and a winking sense of humor, City of Heroes (and its evil twin, City of Villains) delivers every comic fan's dreams.

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