A Walk To Remember review

With Britney Spears making her screen debut earlier this year in Crossroads, it's no surprise that Mandy Moore, another pop strumpet with pneumatic breasts, is now getting in on the act.

What is startling is that she's actually pretty good. Britney doppelganger No.1 plays Jamie, a shy geek who forms an unlikely alliance with bad boy Landon (Shane West) when he's made to help her with community service. Obviously Landon falls for Jamie and starts to become "a better person" - but tragedy lurks around the corner.

While Spears opted for the easy route of playing herself, a dowdy, brown-haired Moore chooses to (gulp) act - and turns in a sensitive, charming and radiant performance alongside her less-gifted co-star.

Okay, so you'll have to grimace through some obligatory star warbling, and the material she's wrestling with is so predictable that it's bordering on turgid, but chances are you'll get in a good blub somewhere along the way.

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