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A Shot At Glory review

Sports movie clichés come off the bench for one last enjoyable jog about the park as small town Scottish football team Kilnockie pulls its socks up and makes a run at the cup. Michael Corrente's direction is thumpingly basic - he's happy just to churn together lumps of Rocky and Local Hero - but at least he's well-served by a couple of leads who know how to find the back of the net.

Even saddled with an accent that's more Rab C Nesbitt than Sean Connery, unexpected football fan Robert Duvall (the whole film was his idea) never loses his movie star watchability as the team's grizzled manager. But the real surprise is former Scotland striker Ally McCoist's debut as an ageing player trying to get his home life and his football life back together. Light, boyish comedy suits him better than the hefty stuff, but when his Question Of Sport gig comes to an end he could do worse than have another go at this acting lark.


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