A PS5 Remote Play app has appeared on the PS4

PS5 Remote Play App
(Image credit: Sony)

A PS5 Remote Play app has snuck its way onto PS4 consoles within the last day.

The new app is pre-installed on all PS4 consoles right now, without you having to download it. Clicking on the PS5 Remote Play app, you'll find it allows you to play PS5 games through your PS4 right now. Except, it doesn't work right now for the vast majority of consumers around the world, because the PS5 isn't actually out.

When it does work, the app will effectively allow you to stream games on your PS5 through your PS4. If you ever used the PS Vita's Remote Play function to play PS4 games on the go, you'll be familiar with how the app works, requiring both your PS4 and PS5 to be turned on, and connected to the internet.

According to VGC, you'll need to manually turn on the Remote Play feature on the PS5 through the newer console's system menu. Then, you can discover the PS5 over your local Wi-Fi, or connect both using a code supplied by the PS5.

There's now merely a few days to go until the PS5 is available in the US, and the Remote Play app on the PS4 actually functions. Sony's next-gen console launches on November 12 in the US, and a week later on November 19 in the UK and Europe. For a full list of games available on launch day in both regions, check out our PS5 launch games guide for more.

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