A player-run Bloodborne Halloween event is going on now through November 1

Bloodborne was an instant hit in 2015, spawning leagues of would-be monster hunters. But with no Bloodborne 2 to keep fans of FromSoftware's gothic horror game satiated and the developer itself focused on making Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, players have decided to take matters into their own, bloody hands. Enter "The Blood Moon" - a Bloodborne Halloween event concocted by the players themselves. 

Over on the Bloodborne subreddit, user Durzho lays out the rules for this unofficial event: participants are to create a new character, cooperate with another Hunter at least three times before defeating the boss of each area, invade another Hunter's game at least three times before defeating the boss of each area, and always carry a torch item. It's also suggested players stay below level 120, in order to keep co-op challenging and viable. Beyond that, whatever build you want to utilize and whatever gear you equip is up to you.

In case you've been away from the game for awhile, here's a helpful reminder of how Bloodborne multiplayer works: first, you need to grab the Beckoning Bell, as well as the Small Resonant Bell and Sinister Resonant Bell. You'll find the Beckoning Bell early on in the Hunter's Dream area, while you'll need to purchase the two Resonant Bells from the Messenger shop.

Ringing the Beckoning Bell opens the door for other players to your game (both those seeking to cooperate and those seeking to do harm), but doing so will cost one Insight, a currency which can also be used for player upgrades - so be mindful of overuse. Ringing the Small Resonant Bell is your way of volunteering to help another player, and does not cost Insight to use. The Sinister Resonant Bell is how you invade other players' worlds and initiate PvP. It also does not cost Insight to use.

If you've yet to conquer Yarnham's challenges, now would be a great time to find some help. If you're a veteran, why not lend your services to your fellow Hunters and/or challenge a few to an honorable duel? Either way, be sure to check out our Bloodborne guide so you know where to go and where to find hidden treasures. 

Sam Prell

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