A peek inside the Splinter Cell

As the latest Sam Fisher adventure sneaks towards its September release, Ubisoft thought it would share a few more visuals of Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

Double Agent is, of course, the game where Sam Fisher goes bad, but only because he's trying to do good. He's infiltrating a terrorist group in order to take them down from within, but to earn their trust he has to behave like a criminal.

The game will feature all the high tech gadgetry and stealth aspects from previous games, but you'll be asked to use judgement far more in Double Agent, as each move Sam makes will have consequences- act too convincingly as a terrorist and he could land in hot water, while taking out too many of the criminals will blow his cover.

Above: Shoot an innocent man or not - these are choices you'll have to make as Sam.

It's an intriguing premise and one that is being realized with some stunning graphics- as you can see from the new screens on the Images tab above, Ubisoft is gifted at creating a convincing crew cut.

June 30, 2006