A Kind Of Hush review

Set among the back alleys and flop houses of Kings Cross, this is an assured debut for writer/director Brian Stirner. Working with largely first-time actors, he's managed to turn what could have been low-budget melodrama into slow-burning, but gripping, drama.

Former street urchin Stu has the chance of a new life working for Chef (Hudd), but can barely resist the urge to return to his old gang. Each member has a history of sexual abuse and use their camaraderie keep their nightmares at bay. But now the leader is urging each member to avenge himself against his abuser. Stu has to choose between the chance to exorcise his past or build himself a future.

Bringing street-level London, as well as the characters, to life, A Kind Of Hush is an uncomfortable but involving film.


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