A Hole In My Heart review

Leaving no orifice unpoked in its desire to shock, A Hole In My Heart is porn but not as we know it. Filtering the transgressive power of Pier Paolo Pasolini's classic Salò, Or 120 Days Of Sodom through the lens of reality TV, it features three guys (Thorsten Flinck, Goran Marjanovic, Björn Almroth) and a girl (Sanna Bråding) shooting a truly sick skin-flick in a suburban apartment. Between the graphic scenes of hardcore sex comes a barrage of disturbing imagery - including footage of open-heart surgery, labia reshaping and a man puking in a woman's mouth. Taking these courageous unknownactors to the very depths of despairing depravity, Swedish director Lukas Moodyson (Lilya-4-Ever) offers brutal evidence of the emptiness of modern existence - the hole that exists in the centre of everyone's heart. A nihilistic howl of rage that strikes a match under every conceivable censorship taboo, it's porno for pyros.


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